We know the importance of keeping your air conditioning system in good health to provide optimum performance throughout the year. Our commercial air conditioner repair and installation team aims to deliver you the best air conditioning services in Sydney. Whether you need a small air conditioning system for your commercial space or a large industrial solution, you can rest assured that we will find the perfect fit for your unique needs.

The commercial HVAC team at Answer Air, can handle all your commercial heating and cooling needs. Everything from design, installation, breakdown service and maintenance of your commercial Air conditioning systems for all types of businesses.

Whether you are installing a new Air conditioning system or replacing the current air conditioning system in your commercial building, our team is here to help. If you need an efficient system designed for your specific building and budgeting needs, consult with one of our commercial heating, cooling, and energy professionals. We will walk you through the process every step of the way, and when you choose us, our technicians will provide quality maintenance and repairs for the life of the system to get the most out of your commercial HVAC system.

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Call Answer Air Services for your HVAC designed Air Conditioning System. Our mission is to ensure that our clients and their employees are comfortable in their working environments. Together with the equipment that is critical to all modern businesses.

We offer a wide selection of commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) products, including:

  • Complete Mechanical Services Fitout
  • Retro fit of existing systems to new more efficient systems
  • Ducted air conditioning systems
  • Water cooled package systems
  • VRF design and installation
  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
  • Clean room system design and installation
  • Design and drafting services
  • Tenancy separation and fitout
  • N.A.T.A approved air and water balancing
  • Equipment audits and Air quality testing
  • Spiral duct and rigid duct design and installation.
Whatever your requirements, whichever your industry, Answer Air Services can provide solutions for every business.

Frequently Asked Question

Investing in a quality commercial air conditioner is an excellent option for businesses and other large facilities. Not only does it provide comfortable temperatures year-round, but it can also drastically reduce energy costs. With advancements in technology, AC units are becoming increasingly efficient and offer great value returns.

Commercial air conditioning works by using an evaporator coil, condenser coil, compressor and fan. The evaporator coil moves liquid refrigerant from the compressor through a series of tubes which expand the colder liquid into vapor form to allow heat exchange between indoor and outdoor environments. The condenser coil draws out warm air from indoors while circulating cool outside air inside the building. Heat transfer occurs when hot gas passes over chilled coils within the condenser coil, cooling down the gas which eventually becomes liquid form before being recycled back to the compressor via the evaporator coil. The compressor helps regulate pressure within the system’s tubing while dispersing cool air throughout the building or facility depending on its size. Finally, a thermostat is used to help regulate temperature settings according to user preferences or preprogrammed settings and can detect changes in room occupancy levels so as not to waste energy unnecessarily when space is unoccupied for extended periods of time.

The cost of a commercial air conditioning unit can vary widely depending on the size, type and efficiency level of the unit. Prices may vary based on whether the installation includes additional components such as ductwork insulation or other upgrades. It’s important to factor in all potential costs when estimating the total cost of a commercial AC unit to ensure your budget is accurately accounted for prior to purchase.

Commercial air conditioning was invented in 1902 by a man named Willis Carrier. He presented his invention at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers meeting and it was originally intended to prevent humidity from damaging books in a printing facility. Carrier's invention did this by cooling the air inside the factory and circulating it, thus preventing condensation on walls or paper products. Over time, the concept of air conditioning moved away from these specific industrial needs, leading Carriers invention to be used all over the world in many commercial and residential settings to provide climate control and comfort during hot summer months. The first commercial building to have air conditioning installed was a theatre in La Porte, Texas which had a system installed by Carrier in 1925.

When it comes to air conditioning repairs in commercial leases, understanding who is responsible for the maintenance and repair is key. Generally speaking, tenants are responsible for these tasks, unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement that the landlord will be taking on this responsibility. It is important for tenants to familiarize themselves with their rights and understand all of the necessary steps to ensure their HVAC unit is running optimally. If extra professional services are required, such as faulty wiring or other problems, then it is best practice to hire an experienced HVAC technician familiar with commercial-grade units. Furthermore, discussing AC repair responsibilities prior to signing a lease agreement should be a priority so all parties understand their respective roles and obligations.

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