The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner unit may sound daunting and unnecessary, but the benefits are overwhelming. Air Conditioning is quite indispensable in the summers of NSW due to the rise in temperature and humidity over the years. 

A well-maintained HVAC system is unavoidable to make life calm and comfortable in summer. A clean system works at an optimum capacity with maximum efficiency and provides healthy and clean air for our living.

Nothing is more beneficial than eating healthy food, drinking clean water and breathing clean air. The term ‘’clean air’’ may not sound so familiar, but the scenario is quite alarming so cleaning your air conditioning system is an absolute necessity. 

When the temperature rises and the temperature around you gets heated up, a good and well-maintained air conditioner unit can keep you cool and refreshed. However, your system can become mouldy without regularly cleaning the unit, leading to unhygienic air around your surroundings. 

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of cleaning your air conditioning system to boost a healthy lifestyle.

1.0 Improve The Air Conditioner’s efficiency

Cleaning your air conditioner unit regularly ensures a prolonged life expectancy of the system. It helps by reducing stress and pressure by removing the dust and debris built around the unit. 

Uncleaned air filters get clogged up and become dirty and reduces the airflow, making the system work harder than it should be. This means the system has to work more and thus reduces its efficiency. Getting your HVAC system cleaned regularly increases its life cycle by many folds. 

2.0 Lower your Electricity Bills

Air conditioning makes up a chunk of monthly electric bills in an average household. An uncleaned aircon unit uses excessive energy to function. In addition, dust builds up on the filters and valves, making the system work hard in a poorly cleaned unit. 

Such air conditioning may use up to 30% more energy resulting in excessive electric bills. This results in extreme consumption of electricity. 

By cleaning your HVAC system, you can reduce energy consumption, save some dollars, and improve the system’s longevity.

3.0 Improves Indoor Air Quality

A clean Air Conditioning system improves indoor air quality significantly. A dirty air filter is a breeding ground for mould, fungi, bacteria and germs. Regular cleaning and maintenance services will ensure germ, bacteria, and dust-free air around your surroundings and will also ensure fewer chances of dust and bacteria accumulation.

4.0 Increases Air Conditioner’s Life Expectancy

A clean system will significantly increase the life expectancy of your HVAC unit. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your units will ensure your system’s smooth running, resulting in a prolonged life expectancy. 

Due to cleaner filters and valves, your family can enjoy clean and fresh air to keep you comfortable while keeping your system in top-class condition.

5.0 Avoiding High Repair Costs

You can easily avoid high repair costs by cleaning your Air conditioner frequently. A unit running with uncleaned filters may cause damage when running for extended hours. This may also cause the unit to stop working altogether. 

Replacing your air conditioner can be expensive and daunting; however, cleaning the system is not so costly. To avoid high repair costs, it is wise to clean your air conditioner frequently with a professional.

6.0 Reduce Risks of Health Hazards

Clean aircon systems significantly reduce the risk of health hazards. With uncleaned HVAC systems, one is exposed to an unhealthy and unclean environment, which significantly pollutes the indoor air quality. 

Cleaning your Air Conditioner system is essential to reduce the risk of health hazards and long term negative effects.

7.0 Final Verdict 

Cleaning your air conditioning system is vital for a safe and healthy environment, cost-effective and more efficient. It is wise to get your unit cleaned and serviced with a professional HVAC expert such as Answer Air, who have over 20 years of experience and expertise. 

Our solutions are tailored according to individual needs and requirements. Our skilled technicians can service your air conditioning system at the most affordable prices around Sydney. 

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