Advantages Of Choosing A Split System Air Conditioner

A Split air conditioner system has become a popular HVAC choice for Australians in the last two decades. This smart air conditioning system keeps your home safe and provides a convenient way to stay comfortable and relaxed in the dier heat waves of the summer. 

This system is excellent for controlling residential climate control and is relatively easy to install and maintain. 

1.0 What is a split system air conditioner?

Split Air Conditioning is an HVAC system comprising two units, i.e. indoor and outdoor. The indoor unit is traditionally mounted on the wall. It blows conditioned air into the homes, whereas the outdoor unit expels the heat gathered from the indoor system. 

The split system works best in a smaller space, i.e., a single bedroom or a smaller apartment. There is also a multi-split system unit available where you can use one outdoor unit with multiple indoor units. 

The indoor unit of split aircon devices consists of filters, fans and evaporated coil, while the outdoor unit comprises a compressor and condenser coil. Both of them are connected with the aid of a refrigerant pipe. This type of air conditioning device can be almost anywhere in the room; moreover, they blend well with the indoor home design. 

There is much positivity associated with split air conditioners ranging from energy efficiency, quiet operation and improved air quality. Below in this article, we will discuss the advantages of a split air conditioning system.

2.0 Advantages of Split Air Conditioning System

Split aircon devices provide a convenient way to keep your home comfortable. Moreover, this system tends to last long for a more extended period before the need for serious maintenance. The numerous benefits of split air conditioning systems are outlined below.


2.1 Easy to install

Split Aircon devices are pretty easy to install as they do not require ductwork. This system can be installed in a few hours without breaking and tearing. Therefore, a split system allows the system to be installed cheaply and quickly. 

A cable and copper piping connects the indoor and outdoor units. Unlike any other HVAC units, they can be fitted quickly without consuming a larger space, making the installation process more convenient. 

2.2 Quiet Operation

The air conditioning system can operate as silently as 19 decibels in an indoor split unit. In addition, as the indoor unit is slimmer, they make it easier to position in various room locations where the noise might not be a significant factor and occupy a lot of space. 

If you are a light sleeper or suffering from migraines, then investing in split air conditioners would be a brilliant idea as they operate at a much lower sound level for heating and cooling your premises. 

2.3 Faster Cooling

Split AC systems are your best option to cool down your home in a short span of time. In the unbeatable heat waves of summer, this HVAC system is your saviour due to its faster cooling technology. 

They come with innovative inverter technology where the compressor can achieve the desired temperature quickly whenever used. 

2.4 Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Stastics
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One of the most crucial characteristics of a split aircon system is improving the air quality. A split air conditioning system filters the air. It removes harmful contaminants such as allergens and microbes so that one can breathe clean air. 

The indoor unit comprises high-density filters, which help remove dust particles, fibres, or animal hair. With the aid of split system AC, you are bound to breathe fresh air at your home.

2.5 Energy Efficiency

A central air conditioning system loses lots of energy through ductwork as heat tends to leak and radiates into the atmosphere. This energy loss can mount up to 30 per cent, thus, losing the system’s efficiency. 

Since there is no ductwork involved in a split aircon design, there is less energy loss leakage, thus increasing energy efficiency. As a result, a split air conditioning system aids in lower power consumption with the highest energy efficiency. Therefore, resulting in lower utility bills.

2.6 Easy Maintenance

Maintaining an HVAC system is always a hectic experience. Ducted systems often require routine inspection, maintenance and service to maintain good condition. On the contrary, a split aircon system requires minimum maintenance, which can be done independently. 

In most cases, they involve dusting and cleaning the filters. Once in a while, you will have to change the gas of the outdoor unit. However, with little maintenance, your split system aircon device can run efficiently for several years.

2.7 Zoning

As said earlier, split aircon systems come in two variants, i.e. single split system and a multi-split system. Multi-split air conditioning systems allow heating and cooling in multiple zones of a house. Each has its thermostat, and unlike traditional HVAC systems, they can operate efficiently in the entire space. They give you the chance to cool the room where you are residing. This zoning feature saves a lot of money over a more extended period. 

3.0 Additional Advantages of Split System Air Conditioning

The advantages of the Split Air Conditioning system outweigh any other HVAC systems available on the market. Below we will discuss some additional advantages.

3.1 Increased Security

Split ancon systems are more security friendly than conventional HVAC systems like window units. A big hole in the window or wall poses a threat to your home security. You may quickly become the target of intruders as they can easily break into your home premises. 

3.2 No windows required

Some HVAC systems require windows for installation, whereas split systems don’t. A split HVAC system can be installed higher on the wall with little space. A ducted unit requires internal ducted systems, whereas split system aircon devices do not need an inner wall cavity and fit in a small room area.  

4.0 Final Verdict

A split air conditioning system offers premium comfort at an affordable price. Their easy installation, seamless operation and energy efficiency help being the premium heating and cooling solution for residential homes. 

If you are looking for the best HVAC unit, contact Answer Air for more information and advice. Our specialised technicians help install HVAC systems so you can live a comfortable life.

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