Do I Run the AC Unit 247

During the hot summer of NSW, there is no alternative to running the AC unit. Sometimes during the intense heat waves, it may be required to run your unit 24/7. Although they provide comfort, there is always one question that always lingers. Should I run the AC unit 24/7? To answer this question, we will discuss it in detail below.

1.0 Can I run my air conditioning unit 24/7?

It is not ideal for running your air conditioning unit 24/7. No matter how warm it is outside, you should not run your AC unit 24/7 or even for an extended period of time. According to experts, constant running of your HVAC system puts pressure on your system and increases the risk of a complete system breakdown.

Furthermore, they also aid in enormous amounts of energy waste and raise energy consumption. Therefore, you should give a pause to your systems if you run for an extended period for smooth operation and longevity.  

1.1 Run for Convenience

If you run your AC unit, it doesn’t take a long time to reach the desired temperature. You may use a smart thermostat to keep a constant optimum temperature that suits your body. Even if you have a routine to leave for work or come back at a particular time, you can automatically set a timer to turn on your system at your preferred moment. 

Hence, there is no point in being negligent and running your AC unit for too long.

2.0 What are the effects of running my air conditioner 24/7?

There are numerous effects of running your aircon 24/7. They can range from wasting energy to system breakdown and affecting the Environment. Below we will briefly discuss the impact of running your air conditioner 24/7.

2.1 Wasted energy

According to Australia’s Climate Change, Energy, Environment, and Water department, 40% of the total energy consumed in a household is due to heating and cooling. Air Conditioning your residence is the main contributing factor to higher energy consumption. 

To keep your home at an optimum temperature, many people tend to turn on their AC unit 24/7. This results in more energy consumption and lots of wasted energy.

Constant running of your unit results in lots of wasted energy, so the Australian government highly recommends not to leave your HVAC system turned on while you are not using it.

2.2 Higher energy bills

As mentioned earlier, constant running of your HVAC unit leads to much-wasted energy. They create a big negative impact on many fronts and your energy bills.

You alone will only have to pay for this excess electricity bill, even if your unit is energy efficient. However, they will result in a significant spike in electricity bills. 

2.3 System Shutdown

If you overwork any machinery, it will eventually break down; the same goes for AC units. This is because air conditions have specific components and parts that break down under pressure. 

They can knock out the whole AC unit resulting in a system shutdown. So, it is wise not to overwork your system as this may result in high repair maintenance.

2.4 Not Good for Your Health

The AC unit can become clogged or semi-clogged upon the constant running of the system. This clogging is a common problem of overworking. In addition, tiny dust particles can make their way into cool air that can transmit to your surroundings. 

You may be prone to allergies, gastrointestinal and respiratory disease, which can pose a severe risk for you and your family. 

2.5 Bad for the EnvironmentEnvironment

As you run your AC unit 24/7, they don’t only impact your health but your environment as well. Your home gets cooler inside and your environment warmer due to the constant running of the system.

Air conditioning units are also a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, running your AC unit 24/7 will significantly impact your surrounding environment.

2.6 Clog Your Air Filters

Clogging your air filter is the last thing to worry about, as it can be fixed with regular cleaning and maintenance. However, if you are as negligent as to leave your AC unit turned on 24/7, there are eminent chances of your HVAC system’s complete failure. 

3.0 Final Verdict

HVAC experts say leaving your AC unit for longer hours is never a wise option. There is no need to run your AC for extended periods. Your unit is poised to last for decades with regular service and maintenance. 

To maintain your HVAC unit, you can always seek professional help, such as Answer Air. We have experience and expertise in all commercial and residential HVAC units. With our expert technicians, you will experience the best service at an affordable price.

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